How are Flexible Magnets Made?

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Flexible magnets have two different categories ; magnetic sheet and extruded magnetic profiles which are both manufactured in different ways.

Flexible magnetic Sheet

Magnetic sheets are commonly 610mm wide and up to 30meters in length. They can be as thin as 0.5mm, but typically tend to be 0.76mm in thickness.

Flexible magnetic sheet is on one side magnetised using very thin stripes of north-south-north-south polarity heading downwards towards the length of the sheet. The non-magnetic side is  laminated with vinyl which is often white or brightly coloured. As the sheets are flexible they can be amended or cut using a sharp cutter or scissors.

Using a blade the sheet can be cut into desired shapes and sizes.

Naturally magnet sheets are a brown in colour when laminated with vinyl they can be printed upon using a laser ink jet printer


Flexible sheets are commonly used  for sale and advertising purposes they are particularly found in car advertising. Taxis and driving school also use them because they can be easily added and then removed when the car is used privately.

Also for company cars using company logos during the week and then are removed at weekends.


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