How to Use Flexible Magnetic Sheets?

Posted by Shlomo Klein on

Flexible magnet sheets are attachable to both ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic materials, if you wish to attach magnets sheets to the above you must follow the following steps: 


Step 1: Measure The Sheet 

Roll out the sheet and measure it, make sure you have the required measurements. 


Step 2: Cut Magnet Sheet 

Cut the sheet to the desired size using a pair of scissors, you can also use a cutter. 


Step 3: Attach the Magnet Sheet 

If the sheet comes wit a laminated face you will need to place the front of the sheet directly over the area of the ferromagnetic material you want to attach it to the magnet will automatically adhere to the material. If the face is adhesive peel the backing tape and attach to a non ferromagnetic material. 

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