What are the Advantages of Using Flexible Magnet Sheets for Signage?

Posted by Shlomo Klein on

The advantages of using  my flexible magnets for signage and displays:

•    They Enhance the design and make signs and displays look better, different and more attractive.

•    Allow almost unlimited room for customisation at nearly all stages of the design process.

•    Strong energy magnets provide strength to mechanical fasteners and closures.

•    Adds an sense of Interaction, good quality that  adds to perceived value.

•    Fast updating is an option, which is also neat and capable of being done with minimal tools and  training is not necessary.


Promote environmental friendly use as products are re-usable and do not lead to wastage

•    Function reliably with highest quality on the market

•    Are available on-demand 

•    Cost-effective


My flexible magnets are  durable and guaranteed to maintain their permanent holding power.  

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