What Happen to Magnets in the Cold?

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To be honest most magnets don’t change in the cold.as a matter of fact, some magnets perform better when it's cold . The reason behind this is that the atoms that create magnets vibrate more slowly and in sync when it's cold. This results in a better organising of the atoms that generate the magnetic field, fastening its strength.

It won’t be a drastic change, but if you’re curious you can keep an eye on the change with a small experiment.

First, you check the strength at room temperature by dipping a neodymium bar magnet into a pile of paper clips , and you count how many are attached. Then freeze the water in a freezer drop the neodymium magnets and keep in freezer for a further 15 minutes. Take out the bowl from the freezer just before the water freezes. Then remove the magnet from the bowl and count the number of paper clips that stick. Compare this number room temperature number.

The Adhesive Magnets will not be affected by the cold they’re strength will not be affected drastically only a minor change may be felt, so head over to My Flexible Magnets and continue purchasing because the winters won’t matter.




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