What is an Industrial use magnet?

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When I use the word "magnet" the first thing to pop into your head is likely to be an item that sticks to a fridge, or attracts metal. Well what you don't know is there is a whole other world of magnets on the other side of the wardrobe, yes just like narnia.

Take a peek around your room, see that door stopper that's a disk magnet, the calendar in your bosses office that sticks to the cabinets that's a calendar magnet and take a look around your child's classroom, schools are done with whiteboards and now use Adhesive magnetic sheets. These are magnets classified for Industrial use, so many of our everyday products have been incorporated with an industrial magnet even the speakers you use in your home have magnets incorporated inside them.

These magnets are available in various sizes and shapes, different manufacturers require variable types of magnets the most common amongst these requirements are those made from ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin these are low energy magnets.

 these magnets are available in form of disks, sheets, rolls and vary depending on their industrial purposes, the pharmaceutical industry use magnets to remove iron particles from medication, the infrastructure industry use them to remove scrap metal from roads and runways in order to protect tires.

Even transformers, motors, speakers, amplifiers and other industrial equipment use magnets. 

My Flexible Magnets provides low energy industrial magnets for example magnet tape  to seal cabinets and doors commonly used in many factories and malls.

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