What Type of Flexible Magnet Should You Buy?

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Flexible Magnets can be used for various different ways, each flexible magnet has a specific feature which specialises it for a particular purpose. My flexible magnet  has a wide range collection of magnets here are there uses:
The best use of a flexible magnet sheet is is for signage and labeling, this kind of sheet is also often used in schools and as a replacement for white boards.
In case you wish to create a car sign with these sheets the best kind to use would be the magnetic label sheet  this sheet can pass through a laser jet printer so you can print relevant signs on it, there is also a magnetic sheet that can be used as an alternative to a white board you write on it and then you may erase what you have written with a board wipe.
This is the perfect magnet for arts and crafts because the tape is adhesive on one side which means you can stick it on metal items to creat photo frames and fridge magnets, get creative and produce designs to enhance the beauty of your office or bedroom. Thetape has other uses too other than arts and crafts it can be used to seal packages and amend broken cabinets and electronics.
Make your car groovy with our car magnets, the car magnets have a message on them such as "baby on board" or just a witty remark to make your car stand out from the car and reflect some personality on the bumper. You can customize these to your preference.
2.magnet quiz
Magnets are cool but how much do you know about them, let's put your magnet knowledge to the test. Check out our magnet quiz.
(Link should lead to following quiz)
1.Which of these objects would be attracted to a magnet?
A) a key
B) a book
2.Magnet A can hold three steel paperclips; Magnet B can hold five. Which is the strongest?
Magnet A
Magnet B
The south end of a bar magnet is labeled
The North end of a bar magnet is labelled
A bar magnet is strongest at the
Poles that are not alike
Repel each other
Attract each other

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