Health and Safety

Which magnets are best suited for children to use?
It is important that Children are at all times   supervised when playing with magnets. Neodymium magnets can be too strong for children and if swallowed the child may require immediate surgery . 
Are magnets dangerous to someone with a pacemaker?
The  heart pacemakers may be affected by the magnet if they are in close proximity as they can cause pacemakers to operate in a way that does not adhere to the user’s own heart beat or rhythm.however,  The way a pacemaker signals to a magnetic  is different depending on manufacturers and therefore people with pacemakers should not put strong magnets close to their chest.

Magnet Basics

What is the difference between a permanent magnet and an electromagnet?
A permanent magnet is a made by solid material that produces its own consistent magnetic field  , the magnetic field produces  an electromagnet  by the flow of electric current. The magnetic field disappears when the current is turned off.. When an electric current flows around the solenoid coil, a magnetic field is made. If 
What are permanent magnets made of?
There are five types each made from different materials some are strong magnets, referred better known as neodymium magnets which are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeb) and samarium cobalt magnets which are made from samarium, cobalt and small amounts of iron, copper and other materials. Other types of permanent magnets include ferrite magnets, made from a compound of ceramic material and iron oxide (SrO.6Fe2O3) and alnico magnets made from aluminium, nickel and cobalt and flexible rubber. 
What are magnetic poles?
A magnet’s pole is the surfaces from which rays magnetism exit a magnet and reconnect on on their way back to the magnet. The pole of a magnet is the area which has the greatest magnetic field strength in a given direction.a pole is either north or south facing. 
Which pole of a magnet should I use?
Both the north pole or south pole of a magnet are equal in holding power and both will stick to magnetic metals.
Can I use adhesive to fix magnets in place and what type of adhesive should I use?
Most magnets can be stuck in place where there is a  two-part epoxy adhesives. We recommend Araldite Rapid which sets.


How are magnets made?
 a process of casting, pressing and sintering, compression bonding, injection molding, extruding, or calendaring processes. 
What tolerances are your magnets manufactured to?
All of our magnets at first4magnets are manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.