What are flexible Magnets?

Flexible magnets come in for of Sheets and Tapes, they are made from ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin. They are flexible in nature and are less expensive compared to earth magnets, they are available in various shapes such as sheets, tapes, rolls etc.


Use of Flexible Magnets:

  1. It can be used printable sheets.
  2. They are used as fridge magnets or car stickers.
  3. They can be used in calendars or business card.
  4. Used as an alternative to white boards in classrooms and offices for demonstrations.
  5. These can be used in door and cabinet closures as magnets to make them close properly.

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Uses of Flexible Magnets?

Flexible magnets can be used for various reasons, their applications include:

l Window display

l Labeling

l To hold doors

l Calenders

l Car bumpers

l To seal packages

l For lectures/demonstrations

l Window seals